How to install an effective door weatherstrip (with Video)

This is the first of many informative videos we’ll be posting on do-it-yourself weatherization techniques.  

Not that the net necessarily needs another tutorial on weatherstripping a door, mind you.  But, we’ve seen hundreds of attempts at  "do it yourself" weatherization and many of them just flat-out don’t work.

This door is being sealed and insulated by Marcus Renner, the Building Analyst for Conservation Pros, using a product known as a "Q-Lon with metal carrier".  


Translated, that means it’s a vinyl-clad foam, mounted on an aluminum frame, that allows you to properly weatherstrip even the oldest and warpedest (call it techno-jargon) of doors.  

The key difference is that you adjust the seal to meet the door, rather than try to get the door to meet the many (!) layers of foam you’ve glued to the frame.

Unfortunately, those big box stores that have put all the local hardware stores out of business (You know who you are!) don’t carry the right product for the job, at least not in our neck of the woods.  One great source for them is .  (No,it’s not an affiliate link, they’re just good people.)  

But, shipping these suckers one at a time can be a pain.  We’ve gotten broken and bent shipments in the past.  EFI has made good on the shipping, but told us that we were to order more of them next time.  

It is, after all, 7 foot long box!

Maybe you could start a weatherization materials buying club on your street!


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