Hybrid Homes: Incorporating Energy Efficiency With Solar

Have you considered making your home a hybrid home? In areas like Asheville, investing in solar is a well known opportunity for investment, however, is all too often considered without energy efficiency retrofits.  Solar power, coupled with energy efficiency upgrades, will get you the best value out of your solar system by ensuring that your home is operating at its maximum efficiency.

Did you know that most homes are losing about 30% of their energy through air leaks and poor insulation? The US EPA has found that 90% of homes have an opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 20-40% through weatherization or building performance upgrades.

Building performance upgrades have been proven to not only improve efficiency, but improve indoor air quality, home durability and comfort.

Conservation Pros, Inc. is offering energy audits at no cost to Solarize customers. The audit will rate your home’s overall performance and efficiency. It will also address your home’s carbon footprint.

Maximize your solar system by making your home a hybrid home.  Sign up for an energy audit today.


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