Log Cabin Project Results

By May 14, 2009Uncategorized

Conservation Pros has had astounding success with a log cabin project in Black Mountain, NC.

Now, when you hear the term "log cabin", it conjures up images of Daniel Boone types, skinning critters on the tumbledown porch, right?  Folks, this ain’t your GrandPappy’s log cabin.  This is a three story home with a vaulted great-room and all the amenities.  It’s got three levels of geothermal, radiant-floor heating, two ERV’s and two HEPA filters, SIP panel roof sections, Insulated Concrete Form walls in much of the basement, white carpet (!), the whole nine yards.  

After three years of construction delays and double (!) the original bid price, the owners, a lovely couple from VA who plan to retire to the mountains of Western North Carolina, finally got a Certificate of Occupancy.  When they got into their home, they found it to be, well, a little cold inside.

We got a REM report from Vandemusser Design that showed the home to be incapable of depressurization beyond around twenty Pascals.  That ain’t a home!  It’s a tent!  An old tent, stored wet and forgotten, in the basement, for years!

The dedicated crew at Conservation Pros spent a total of ten days air-sealing, energy auditing, and diagnosing the property.  What’s more, we got the whole process on video! 

The entire collection of over 120 videos on YouTube can be accessed by clicking here.

When the CP crew was done, we got Endless Supply Company on the job to spray Bio-Based foam in the basement and attic. We got the home to a maximum negative pressure of 63 Pascals and the final flow was 4616CFM @ 50 Pascals. Now, it’s a home.

If you’re building a home folks, please, please, please get a third party to verify the construction process.  If you live in North Carolina, ask for a Healthy Built Home.  If your builder refuses to build you a Healthy Built Home, find yourself another builder!  If you’re not in North Carolina (why would you be anywhere else?) get any sort of rating program you can.  Energy Star, LEED, etc.  The whole idea is to have a competent person, who’s not financially involved in the project, perform inspections at various phases of completion.  That way, you’re assured there’s no shortcut hiding behind your walls.  Or, in the case of this home, at every nook, cranny, crevice, crack, and gap.

If you happen to be in Western North Carolina (why would you be anywhere else?), don’t forget that Conservation Pros offers Sustainable Construction Consultation Services.  We’re available for any phase, from plan reviews and solar site analysis to full-term project consultation.

Whatever route you choose for your new home, letting yourself be guided by a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism is a good way to stay out of trouble.  

You can take my word for it.

Carl Donovan