Homebuyers Go Green to Cut Bills

By February 12, 2009Uncategorized

From The Wall Street Journal:

In an attempt to boost sales in a dismal market, homebuilders are turning to what has been one of the most overlooked aspects of a house: improving the way it uses energy.

While the sales results are mixed so far, industry experts say the move could eventually boost business as more cost-conscious consumers seek to save on rising power bills by having a more efficient home. Already, builder Kevin Enyeart, in Lee Springs, Mo., says he has picked up two contracts and possibly a third over the past six months to sell homes to buyers who specifically requested energy-saving features, such as better insulation and tighter-fitting windows. That’s rare good news in a market Mr. Enyeart says is so bad that he has had to cut the number of homes he builds to about 20 a year from 40.


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