Home Energy Saving Truths VS. Myths

Energy efficiency in the home is often at the top of the Do-It-Yourself homeowner’s to do list.  By not starting your energy saving projects with an energy audit, money can easily be wasted on products that claim to be “green.”  Products that claim energy savings, such as programable thermostats, and new energy efficient windows may not give you the energy savings they claim, and should be carefully selected.

“Green-washing” is term used for companies that claim 40-50% savings on your utility bill from any product.  The key to energy savings and making a greener home is an energy audit.  When you have a BPI certified professional inspect your home, you will find that energy conservation starts with solving issues with the home that are causing energy waste.

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Conservation Pros offers affordable energy audit packages for all residents in Buncombe County and more.  If your a DIY’er or your interested in having the pros do the work, here is where to start.