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Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you oCellulose Insulationffer.

Conservation Pros is a building performance contractor. We conduct energy audits and then do the work to make homes more efficient, comfortable, and healthy.

What insulation options do homeowners have for their homes?

There are a lot of insulation options. Fiberglass, cellulose, and foam are the main options. We feel cellulose is best because it has the best R-value per inch and is the most environmentally friendly.

Can you explain what cellulose insulation is?

Cellulose is paper. Generally, it is 85% recycled (pre- and post-consumer) paper that is ground up. It has a non-toxic borate additive to slow the spread of fire and inhibit insects. It is blown in with an insulation blower and is a great option for attics and walls.

What are some of the benefits of this insulation?

The best benefit of cellulose is that it is a recycled product. It also has the highest R-value compared to other common insulations. Finally, it does not irritate the skin like fiberglass and does not contain poisonous chemicals like spray foam.

Can you talk briefly about cost of this process?

Generally, to add an additional R-30 of cellulose will cost about $1 per square foot. It is imperative that before any insulation is added to a home, the attic floor should be air sealed first. Adding insulation without air sealing holes in the ceiling of the home only gives you about 60% of the efficiency of the insulation. Air sealing also improves the indoor air quality of a home. Be sure that the company who does the air sealing is certified through the Building Performance Institute.

What is your favorite advice to give homeowners looking for the best insulation option for their homes?

Keep away from chemicals, and air seal all the holes before adding insulation. Also, insulate more than what is required. We have to keep in mind that building code requirements are the bottom of the barrel.

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  • Luke Smith says:

    I like that you mentioned how cellulose insulation has the highest R-value compared to other common insulation. We are currently renovating our whole house and we have decided to change the insulation that we are currently using. Cellulose sounds good so we should probably ask for cellulose insulation services.

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