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Stop Drafts from Leaky Windows


If you moved into an older home you may have found yourself plagued with the inherent draftiness and inefficiencies of old windows.  Many of these leaky old windows are strong and durable, so the issue with the windows are the amount of air leakage (Air leakage, or air infiltration, is the primary contributor to energy loss in households. Air leakage refers to the action of conditioned air escaping and unconditioned air entering the home).   It is not only old windows that are problematic, newer vinyl and wood windows can have the same issues. Conservation Pros provides the solution to retrofitting old windows with new weatherstripping techniques.  Retrofit window seals are one of out many energy efficiency services that can reduce drafts and save energy at a fraction of the cost of replacing windows.

Our Window Seal Method

Many old windows do not have any weather stripping (strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window and the sill, casing, or threshold so as to exclude rain, snow, and cold air infiltration).  This means that when the window is closed gaps in the window allow air infiltration.  We want to stop air movement in these gaps, so this is where we install weatherstripping.  Our weather stripping is durable and reduces air leakage from windows by 90% or more without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality of the window.  Also, we make sure to seal all of the window trim to stop more air leakage thus completing the window efficiency retrofit.

Where to start

In an Energy Audit or Home Performance Checkup, Conservation Pros will evaluate your existing windows, along with all of the other systems, and make recommendations that help you achieve your goals.  We recommend starting with one of our inspection options, that way we can work with your goals to provide you with the most valuable improvements first.  Whether your intention is to save energy and money or to reduce your environmental impact, Conservation Pros can help you achieve your goals with our energy efficiency services.

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