Providing Insulation Solutions to Asheville for Over 15 Years

Conservation Pros provides comprehensive solutions to energy loss from attics, walls, basements, and crawlspaces.  With loads of experience energy auditing homes around Asheville we know exactly where to look to get to the bottom of your issues.  This includes a range of insulation options  partnered with weatherization services to make the home safer, healthier, more comfortable and more efficient.  Our insulation products include: Cellulose insulation in attics and walls, fiberglass batt insulation in crawl spaces, rigid insulation board, foundation wall insulation blankets and radiant barriers.

Conservation Pros understands that if you are considering making the investment you are going to want it done right.  Beware insulators that simply, “blow and go.”  Air leakage should be assessed and addressed in all homes, otherwise you might be left with the same issues you had to begin with.  We care about your needs, so we provide solutions that address your concerns while factoring in health and the environment.


Why Cellulose Insulation?

Cellulose insulation is Conservation Pros insulation of choice for attics and walls in older and newer homes.  Installing cellulose in the attic or walls can happen at any time, not just during a remodel! Conservation Pros has installed cellulose insulation in over a thousand cases in the attics and walls of homes built in Asheville alone.  Whether your home was built in 1920, 1960, or 2000, cellulose insulation might be able to help you with your energy bills and discomfort, bringing your old home to modern living standards.

Cellulose insulation has several benefits over fiberglass:

  • Our Insulation 85% Recycled Newspaper and made in NC
  • Higher R-value per inch than fiberglass
  • Sound reduction capabilities
  • Insulates better with the same R-value (Learn More)
  • Non-toxic and does not irritate skin
  • Contains boric acid to fight off pest
  • Can be installed in closed walls as a retrofit (Learn More)
  • Better Fire Safety than fiberglass (Learn More)
  • Excellent Soundproofing performance
  • No harmful off-gassing
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2023 Federal Insulation Tax Credit

Duke Energy Progress Rebate

$ 250

Per home

We do the paperwork so you can get a rebate when you air seal and insulate your attic!

Read More on 2024 Energy Efficiency Tax Rebates

Why add more insulation in Asheville?

There isn’t enough here!  The housing stock is older, and most homes have yet to be brought to modern standards of efficiency, comfort, air quality etc.  For the same reason a thorough evaluation is needed to reveal what other issues are present in the attic or crawl space that need addressing.  When installing insulation we can remove old debris and seal all the air leaks in your ceiling or ductwork too, then you can reap the benefits you only expect from a new home.

Why increase attic insulation to R50?

Asheville insulation practices are typically the same as the rest of NC.  Asheville, however,  experiences more intense cold seasons that most areas of NC.  This is true for most of the Western North Carolina region: standard building code requirements of R-38 are lower than they should be.  We insulate attics to R-50.  When we are already in the process of blowing in cellulose, the additional cost for adding more is often close to $100 – an amount that can pay for itself in the coming years.  Bring insulation between R-50 and R-60 is truly about maximizing the short and long term gains.

Why Choose Conservation Pros?

The beauty of providing energy saving solutions with real benefits is in the details.  At Conservation Pros, we spare no detail, and stick to your goal – you are looking to save energy and be more comfortable.  Get a free insulation quote from Conservation Pros and you will find how thorough we are.  That is why we include many services in our free insulation quotes than other insulators do not address fully or properly – like air leakage.  We have found in many cases a quote for “air sealing” in an attic does not include 70% or more of the air leaks such as top plates and around duct work through our energy auditing work.  Conservation Pros will take every step to achieve your goal and ensure insulation work doesn’t lead to any damages in the future.

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    The Road to Comfort and Energy Savings

    Step 1: Air Leakage

    Keep your conditioned air in, and outdoor air out

    Air leakage should be addressed in ductwork, electrical, plumbing, chimney penetrations, and more.

    ( Article)

    Learn More About Air Sealing

    Step 2: Ventilation

    Manage proper ventilation to reduce moisture

    Ventilation is incorporated in a space to reduce moisture, it is not used to lower energy bills.  If you are thinking of ventilation as a means to reduce your summer cooling loads start with insulation, then consider a radiant barrier.

    Step 3: Insulate

    Prevent exposure to outdoor temperatures

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    Don’t be fooled by our local building code (R-38).  R-50 to R-60 is recommended for our area.

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    Living Wage Certified
    Building Performance Institute