How to Prepare for your Home Energy Audit

1. Ensure Access to all areas of the building:  The testing requires all doors are open and that all areas can be inspected.  This might mean that some items should be moved around if stored in the attic so all areas can be inspected.

2. Clean out any wood fireplaces:  Ashes in wood fired appliances or fireplaces can become disturbed and airborne during the blower door analysis.

3. Prepare your Questions:  The audit process starts with a conversation about the clients main goals for the energy audit.  Any questions or curiosities are welcomed and can be helpful to the auditor.

4. Wear a Mask:  We do require building occupants to have a mask on whenever the auditor is sharing a space with them.  Our auditor will be masked at all times.

5. Prepare your Utility Bills: This is not required, however, utility bills can be useful for the auditor to assess cost-effectiveness of measures recommended.