Solar Energy Headed Behind the Woodshed

Solar Energy gets a Whoopin' - Asheville, NC

So the Obama administration did its best to get incentives for energy efficiency but failed miserably.  Now, support for solar energy and other forms of alternative energy is also in jeopardy.

Apparently, venture capitalists are running scared from all things solar.  Why?  It’s a business model that’s entirely propped up by federal dollars.  Were it not for the incentives, there would be no solar industry in this country.

Solar energy gets sent out behind the woodshed - Conservation ProsAlternative energy firms have been the darlings of silicon valley for the last few years, based on promises made by Obama to create a “green economy”.  VC’s are now worried that, with the efforts to cut the budget deficit consuming DC, the fed may not make good on financial promises it’s made in the past, or will make in the future.

In the 70’s, solar was the promise of the future, Carter installed solar panels on the white house and electric cars were going to save the world.  Does any of this look familiar to you, dear reader?  It looks like we might be headed down that road all over again.

A friend of mine said, just the other day, “History repeats itself.  It has to.  No one is listening.”

Unless something monumental shakes loose here, we’re going right back to the Reagan years, folks.

It’s been fun.

This post was inspired by a fantastic article by Tim Mullany with the humble title “ECO WEAK-O”, the full text of which can be read at this link.

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