Introducing the Asheville Insulation System

Asheville Insulation System

Having spent more time in Asheville attics than any sensible person would stomach, we’ve seen it all.  Many times over.

And we’ve installed it all.  Fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, sealants and caulks, insulation dams, radiant barriers, kneewall backing, whole-house ventilation, the list just goes on and on.

Lo these many years, the one thing that’s been absent is a nearly universal solution for 95% of the attics we’ve inspected.

Until now.

Man, am I relieved!We’re delighted to introduce the Asheville Insulation System.  The one solution that will make your home perform like it’s supposed to, with a minimum of disruption to your life.

Alright, you say, cut the sales blather and tell us what this amazing system is…

Glad you asked.

(A footnote for the following description.  I’ve already gone to great lengths to explain what all of these disparate elements are, so I’m linking to them within the site.)

It all starts, of course, with air-sealing your “building envelope”.  Stemming the loss of heated and cooled air is job #1, it’s where the rubber meets the road, and it qualifies you for a very nice rebate check for $375 from Progress Energy.  Isn’t it about time you got a check from them?

By the way, the whole shootin’ match also qualifies you for up to a $500 rebate from the IRS.  Who couldn’t use a break from those folks?

Next, we install R-38 insulation, either cellulose or fiberglass, depending on your choice, on top of your existing insulation.  Ideally, we can get you to R-50 or above.  Now that’s insulated!

The final step is the installation of a Radiant Barrier, on top of your spanking new insulation.

Again, if any of this is new to you, please click the links in the description to get loads of information about each of these products and processes.

OK, fine, you say, how much is all of this going to cost me?

Also glad you asked.

Priced individually, and if we installed all three, it would cost $3.54 for each square foot.  But now, you can get the complete Asheville Insulation System for only three bucks per square foot!  For the average home that’s a $500 savings!  And, it’s a real insulation system that you need never think about again.

To top it all off, for a limited time we’re offering our Home Performance Checkups for free, ordinarily $100, just to get the ball rolling on “The System”.

But hurry, we’re not going to be this heated up forever.  Once the system is adopted, writ large, by Asheville homeowners, the Checkup will cost you a hundred smackers again.

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