EPA Findings on Air Leakage: 10% of Annual Energy Expense if Air Leakage!

“Energy management programs are all well and good. And they certainly have a place in the greater strategy for the reduction of energy consumption. However, our primary strategy should be stemming the waste in our existing homes.

According to the EPA, 10% of our annual energy expenses are wasted through the building envelope. Given that the residential sector in the US, in 2005, consumed 10.55 quadrillion
BTU’s of energy, that means a potential savings of 1.05 quadrillion BTU’s. Imagine a pile of coal that’s 10 feet thick, one mile wide and about 3.3 miles long. That’s one quad. Wasted. Every year. And rising…

Air-sealing and insulating every home in the US is where the rubber meets the road, folks. Energy management is like trying to stop a spurting artery with a butterfly band-aid.”

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