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Conservation Pros is Asheville’s leading contractor for energy efficiency retrofits.

Providing energy audits, insulation, air sealing, duct sealing,  mold remediation and crawlspace services for over 10 years.

  • Residential and Commercial Energy Audits

  • Air Sealing of Attics, Basements, and Crawlspaces

  • Blown-in Cellulose and Fiberglass Insulation in Attics, Crawlspaces, and Walls

  • Mold Remediation, Indoor Allergy Solutions, Crawlspace Sealing and Encapsulation

  • Air Sealing of Ductwork and Recessed Lights

  • Custom Solutions to Home Energy Efficiency, Health, and Safety Issues


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About Conservation Pros

Conservation Pros Inc. consists of Building Performance Institute certified professionals with a modern and localized approach to indoor health, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. We don’t sell you on our services, we simply provide the best solutions that address your needs.  Our goal is to  provide you with the best experience and the most valuable and durable services.

Infrared PhotoAfter years of experience with residential and commercial renovations we have developed lasting solutions to home performance issues in Western North Carolina. Conservation Pros provides comprehensive energy audits using advanced equipment to diagnose building efficiency issues. Conservation Pros is owned by Marcus Renner, a highly-trained and certified building performance inspector, and our weatherization crew is professional, knowledgeable, and mindful.  Our team is authorized to perform work recommended by The Duke Progress Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) and will inform you if your home qualifies for rebates.

We provide energy efficiency and weatherization solutions for buildings of all types, sizes, and ages.

Our work area includes Asheville and surrounding counties in WNC.

Duke-Progress Prequalified Contractor

Meet Our Team

Marcus Renner

Owner, Project Manager (BPI, LEED-AP, NCGC, MA, GPA, RWE)

With 22 years in the industry Marcus Renner has worked in most sectors of residential sustainable building. After receiving his Master’s focusing on Sustainable Building he started and operated a residential construction company for a decade. Hands on experience with new and existing construction gave him the knowledge to teach and train others about sustainable building. He became an educator and consultant and taught at Appalachian State University for seven years where he helped develop the sustainable building curriculum.

After a decade in the new construction field Marcus realized that the real battle for energy efficiency was to be fought at the existing building level. Marcus joined Conservation Pros in 2006 and helped the company grow.

In 2009, in an effort to take building performance beyond the building, he teamed up with Green Opportunities, a local nonprofit green collar job training organization. At Green Opportunities he trained and mentored underserved, low income populations through class settings, on the job experience and social enterprise guidance.

In 2013 Marcus purchased Conservation Pros. He never lost touch with the real world and still works at the ground level increasing building performance, ensuring quality and conducting research. With over 1500 buildings weatherized and 1000 energy audits Marcus and Conservation Pros bring the most experience to your home or workplace.

Sara Sabol

Owner, Office Manager

Sara’s commitment to sustainability began over a decade ago working in the natural foods industry. She became part of the management team at Greenlife Grocery in 2007 and dedicated herself to a local business providing local foods.
Sara refocused her career goals in 2013 to help promote healthy living within the home. Her management and customer service background help to strengthen our goal of providing the best customer experience possible.

Harper Robinson

Project Coordinator, Web Marketing

With a B.A in Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University’s Department of Environmental Design, Harper has been educated in building science, construction, building codes, and sustainable building design. After obtaining his degree, Harper further pursued his interest in the Dominican Republic, where he aided in the design and construction of buildings and renewable energy production.
“From learning of the world and its’ natural cycles, I discovered that I want to avoid living a lifestyle that contributes to our heavy reliance on fossil fuels. My career and the companies I choose to work for reflect this decision. I do this because I can be at peace with my life and the work I do.”

Harper volunteered for Conservation Pros for a month, where he quickly adapted and became a building performance specialist. Harper believes that as a part of this growing industry, he could have enormous potential to improve lives through educating occupants and improving indoor comfort, health, and safety while reducing environmental impacts. Harper has shown tremendous involvement with the crew as a worker and coordinator.

Kelvin Bonilla

Site Supervisor, Building Performance Technician (HERS Rater, OSHA Lead Paint Removal Certified)

Kelvin Bonilla joined Conservation Pros in early 2014. Kelvin started his career in the building performance industry working for Green Opportunities for over four years. There he found his true passion for building science and energy efficiency as a way to contribute to the creation of a better and healthier planet for his 2 daughters, his family, and the community.

At Green Opportunities, he gained extensive experience in the field and obtained several certifications. Through his passion, motivation, and professionalism, Kelvin quickly became a crew leader, mentor and trainer for low-income individuals and communities. Kelvin instructed over 200 people on building performance techniques, such as air sealing and insulating homes, and has performed over 100 energy audits and blower door tests and participated and demonstrated at numerous workshops as well as regional and national conferences.

As the crew leader for Conservation Pros, Kelvin works hard to ensure that the best quality work is delivered with professionalism and a big smile.

Customer satisfaction is his number one priority!